Professional Carpet Cleaning in London Ontario

Professional Carpet Cleaning in London Ontario

If you want to create ambiance in your office, then you need to ensure that your carpets are cleaned regularly. Carpet cleaning will not only remove dirt that usually remains in the deepest fiber of the carpet material but will also help to extend the shelf life of your carpet. Carpets are usually expensive hence you need to save money by taking good care of them.

Cleaning your carpets on your own can be very hectic. This is where professional carpet cleaners come in handy. If your offices are located in London Ontario, then we can offer you the best professional carpet cleaning in London Ontario.

At A2Z, we are committed to offering the best carpet cleaning services in London Ontario. Our cleaning solutions are of the highest quality and are very safe.

The Carpet Cleaning Methods We Use

If you are looking to hire us to clean your carpets, it is important that you understand the different types of carpet cleaning methods that we can use to clean your carpet. We will choose the right carpet cleaning method that will suit the type of carpet that you have.


  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning


This method is also known as steam carpet cleaning. It employs high pressured hot water to dissolve dirt in the carpet by agitating the carpet fiber. When we use this method, we will first apply a cleaning agent on the soiled carpet surface. We then agitate the carpet surface using a brush after which we rinse it.

Once the cleaning agent has settled on the carpet for a short time, the carpet will be washed using a carpet cleaning equipment to thoroughly rinse off the cleaning agent. After that, the carpet will be left to dry in an air conditioned temperature.

We always prefer to clean carpets in the late afternoon so that the carpets can be left to dry overnight. This ensures that your office operations will resume back to normal the next day.


  • Encapsulation


In this method, synthetic detergents are used as a base that crystallizes into powder after drying. When the detergent dries, it encapsulates the loosened dirt particles that were trapped in the carpet fiber. The applied cleaning form is then brushed or vacuumed.

This method is becoming popular because it uses less water during cleaning. This means that the carpet will take less time to dry. It is also an environmentally friendly method since it leaves less chemical residue behind as compared to other carpet cleaning methods.


  • Carpet Shampooing


This method was popular until the encapsulation method was introduced in the late 1970s. We use this method to clean heavily soiled carpets. However, the main disadvantage that this method has is that it leaves behind large amounts of wet foam as residues. This makes the carpet to take longer to dry.


  • Bonnet Cleaning


It involves the use of a heavy-duty motorized machine that has a spinning pad to clean the top surface of the carpet. The spinning pad of the machine must first be immersed with a cleaning solution that will absorb dirt from the surface of the carpet.

This method of carpet cleaning is suitable for cleaning hotel carpets. It gives a quick fix solution in cleaning carpets that are in heavy traffic public areas. Carpets cleaned using this method dry quickly.


  • Dry Carpet Cleaning


It is one of the latest carpet cleaning technologies. It is very effective and convenient and that is why it has gained a lot of approvals and popularity among commercial cleaning companies. Carpets cleaned using this particular method normally do not need any drying time.

Get the Carpets Clean

You don’t need to think twice when it comes to matters dealing with the cleanliness of your office carpets. Your carpets must always be clean and there is no better way to keep them clean other than by using our services. At A2Z, you can be assured that we shall always keep your office carpets clean using any of the 5 methods discussed above.

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