Data Center Cleaning in London Ontario

If your company owns a data center, whether it is a mega-center or just a computer room, it needs to be regularly cleaned. Regular cleaning helps to maintain the health of the equipment inside the data center. Cleaning will also improve your data center’s environmental aesthetics as well as the health of the personnel within the data center.

If your data center facility is located in London Ontario, A2Z is the solution to your cleaning needs. We offer the best data center cleaning services in London Ontario. Cleaning of data centers requires professional cleaners. This is because the pieces of equipment there are very delicate hence only people who know what they are doing should be allowed to clean them.

Our cleaning crew consists of experienced cleaners who are capable of giving your data center a perfect cleaning service. When we clean the data center, we usually perform three basic services. We can perform these services separately or in combinations. These services include:

  • Exterior hardware cleaning.
  • Underfloor plenum cleaning.
  • Tops of floor cleaning.

Exterior Hardware Cleaning

At A2Z, we use proven techniques that will effectively remove dust, dirt and other contaminants from your data center. We not only remove the dirt you can see but even the hidden dirt that is invisible to the eye. Our trained cleaning crew use specialized and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions.

These cleaning solutions are time-tested and approved for use on the materials that are used to make the modern technical equipment that is in the data center. We use HEPA filtered vacuums that are capable of removing even the smallest of micro-particles from the data center. The vacuums are certified to 0.3 microns.

We are very careful since we take every possible step that is necessary to guard against damage of any equipment in the data center. We also ensure that we don’t disrupt any of your operations in the facility.

Tops of Floor Cleaning

The flooring in data centers is usually designed to dissipate static electricity from the servers to the ground. When dust accumulates on the floor, the ground’s ability to dissipate the static energy becomes drastically affected. We have specialized cleaning agents that we will use to safely remove dust from the floor surface of your data center.

Underfloor Plenum Cleaning

A data center’s lifeline depends greatly on the plenum that is under its raised flooring. The function of the plenum is to deliver cool and filtered air to the sensitive equipment that is above it. Due to gravity, dust and dirt like to settle in the plenum area. If the dust and dirt are allowed to accumulate, the circulating air conditioning will sweep them up to your equipment.

This will result in clogged circuitry, increased fire risks and miscellaneous health complications. By cleaning the underfloor plenum, all the equipment in your data center will be protected from such hazards.

Examples of Data Facilities that can benefit from Our Services

  • Computer rooms
  • Large and small-scale data centers
  • UPS rooms
  • ISPs
  • Network control centers
  • Any critical environment technology center or facility

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

To be the best data center cleaning services provider in London Ontario, we not only have to provide the best level of technical service, but also provide the best customer service. We are a professional cleaning company that believes in trust, integrity and professional services.

Any cleaning technician that we have out there in the field knows your data facility inside and out. They will thus be able to provide you with excellent services and feedback after every step that they make.

The Right Service

At A2Z, we operate by following the stringent ISO and ASHRAE requirements. Before we start cleaning your data center, our highly trained technicians will first test your data center to ensure that your facility is within the required specifications. We clean and maintain all types of surfaces in data centers. We also clean all equipment like:

  • Cable trays.
  • Ceilings.
  • Walls.
  • Computers

A2Z technicians are trained to safely work in live data center environments. Apart from cleaning, our dedicated cleaning crew will also test and identify the sources of contaminants in your data centers. We offer our services daily, weekly and monthly depending on the level of contamination in your data center.

Our schedule is highly flexible and will suit the needs of your facility. This is why our clients have always stood by us year after year. Our highly trained crew makes us the best data center cleaning company in London Ontario.

We have:

  • Custom formulated antistatic and static dissipative chemicals.
  • Technicians that are highly trained and who are specialized in working around sensitive equipment and wiring.
  • Cleanroom certified antistatic and RFF suppressed equipment.
  • Emergency services at all times.
  • Data center environmental reports.
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