Daycare Cleaning Services in London Ontario

While kids enjoy every moment that they spend at your daycare, their parents who are the ones who pay for your services expect the very best for their children. They expect you and your staff to do everything you can to ensure that their children are in a safe and caring environment.

One of the best ways to achieve that is by keeping your daycare facility sparkling clean. If your daycare facility is in London Ontario, then you could really benefit from A2Z daycare cleaning services in London Ontario.

When looking for cleaning solutions to your daycare facility, it is important that you hire a professional cleaning company. This is because you not only need to ensure that your daycare is clean but you should also ensure that it is cleaned without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals.

At A2Z, we use a kid-friendly cleaning approach to cleaning. We are your trusted cleaning provider for your daycare center.

Why A2Z Cleaning Services?


  • We Use Kid-Friendly Disinfectants


We take kids’ safety very seriously and that is why we use non-toxic and eco-friendly disinfectants that can kill 99.9% germs, bacteria, and viruses. Our disinfectants also eliminate odors easily from the daycare facilities. Our disinfectants can be used on almost all types of surfaces from play equipment, toys, and fibrous surfaces such as carpeting.


  • We Employ Smart Cleaning


When cleaning facilities that are used by kids, you have to ensure that you clean smarter. This is why we use micro-fiber materials for cleaning. Microfiber materials are known to be highly effective in trapping dust, dirt, and germs while cleaning.

This ensures that we thoroughly clean all the rooms and surfaces to protect all the kids in your facility from germs and infections.


  • We will Tailor Our Services to Your Needs


When you hire us, we will offer you a cleaning plan that is customized around your daycare’s hours of operations. Our cleaning plan will also include any special requests that you may have.


  • We Have High Standards


We are a commercial cleaning company that has high standards thanks to our meticulous cleaning solutions. We have ensured that we meet all the OSHA standards. You can always count on us to help you create a healthy, clean and safe environment for your clients who are children.


  • We Are Insured and Certified


We are a professional cleaning company that is insured and certified to ensure that you have a peace of mind when you hire us. Our insurance will protect you from any liability that may arise during our cleaning sessions.

Benefits of Hiring Us to Clean Your Daycare Facility

Having us manage the cleanliness of your facility will ensure that you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness of your facility. We are also well-versed in the regulations that the various government agencies expect every daycare facilities to adhere to. Here are some of the top benefits of hiring daycare cleaning services.


  • Protecting Children’s Health


Since daycare facilities have several children brought together, the environment can be a playground for germs. As a result, infectious diseases may easily spread if the standards of cleanliness are below the requirements that a child care facility should have.

Hiring reliable cleaners that are educated about the cleanliness requirements of a daycare will promote good health of every child that is in your facility.


  • Green Cleaning Materials


Commercial cleaners that are certified to clean daycare facilities will only use green chemicals and practices when cleaning your daycare center. At A2Z, we use cleaning chemicals and practices that ensure our services are green.

Apart from microfiber cloths, we use HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Our paper products that we use are also environmentally friendly.


  • Special Surface and Floor Care


As a daycare cleaning solutions provider, we have trained our cleaning staff on how they can identify and sanitize hotspots for germs in a child care environment. For small children that spend most of their time on the floor, the floor surface is the biggest germs hotspot.

Other areas that need special attention include door handles, toys, desktops and play areas. These areas should always be thoroughly cleaned to prevent illnesses from spreading.

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