Green Cleaning Services in London Ontario

Most commercial cleaning companies are now opting for green cleaning services and products for a healthier environment. Green cleaning also helps to protect the clients from the effects of the harsh cleaning products. The use of outdated cleaning procedures and products can create more problems than they solve.

This is why at A2Z cleaning, we have opted to offer green cleaning services in London Ontario. Apart from using green products for our clients, we also provide green cleaning services. Once we have cleaned any building this way, we will proudly issue them with a Certificate of Green Cleaning.

This will let the customers and employees know that we have taken extra steps to ensure that we keep the environment healthy and safe through green cleaning.

What Are Green Cleaning Services?

Green cleaning services are cleaning practices that involve the use of procedures and equipment that have less impact on the environment. The traditional cleaning products that some cleaning companies use usually contain toxins and chemicals which can make people sick.

Many cleaning companies claim to have green cleaning services due to the fact that they are using green products. However, at A2Z Building Maintenance, we take the extra steps by incorporating green cleaning standards from the beginning to the end.

Our Green Cleaning Products are certified

Most cleaning product manufacturers claim that their products are “natural” or “environmentally friendly” just so they can market their products. This is why we only use cleaning products that are labeled as “Designed for Environment”. This means that our cleaning products are approved to be used as environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We also use green cleaning equipment and methods. We use green cleaning tools like HEPA micro-filtered vacuum and micro-fiber dust mops. These pieces of equipment normally trap dust and dirt for a cleaner and safer working environment.

We have also gone an extra mile to offer green cleaning services by educating, training and enforcing green cleaning standards. We have trained our cleaning crew in the latest scientific green cleaning practices. We also provide our cleaning staff with continuous education.

This ensures that they are updated on the latest advances in green cleaning technologies. We perform green cleaning procedures safely and properly.

Why We Offer the Best Green Cleaning Services


  • We Are Certified


Some commercial janitorial services may claim to be “certified” as green cleaning companies. It is important that you know what the certification process entails. At A2Z, we have a Green Seal’s GS-49 certification. This certification stipulates what types of tools, products, techniques and processes are healthy. We ensure that our cleaning procedures must adhere to these standards.


  • We Use the Right Products


We ensure that our cleaning products do not contain any harsh ingredients like phosphates. All our products have been labeled as eco-safe and non-toxic.


  • We Are Bonded and Ensured


When you hire us, you will be assured of protection from any liabilities that may arise in the event that something goes wrong. Our insurance company will cover any losses that you may incur in case of an undesirable incident.


  • We Use Proper Type of Vacuum


The vacuums that we use are recognized by ALA (American Lung Association) to be promoting good air quality. Our vacuums are capable of effectively removing asthma triggers and common allergies together with dirt.

Benefits of Green Cleaning


  • Purer Environment


Some cleaning products may contain harmful chemicals that may be released into the environment. By changing to greener products and methods, you will be helping to reduce pollution to air and waterways. This will lead to a purer environment.


  • Safer Products


Using conventional cleaning products may pose risks like chemical burns to the cleaner’s eyes and skin. Green cleaning products are safer since they are not corrosive. They are manufactured to meet strict standards regarding skin absorption, combustibility and inhalation toxicity.


  • Healthier Workplace


The health benefits of green cleaning will extend to the employees and customers in a building since they will no longer be breathing in cleaners that will be lingering in the air. They will not be at risk of developing breathing complications such as asthma that may be caused by breathing the toxic chemicals in cleaning products that are not green.

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