Strip and Wax Floors Service in London Ontario

Everybody enjoys having a well-kept floor in their offices. This is because your office floors play an important role in determining how clean and beautiful your office looks. It is difficult to keep your office floors free of stains and scratches on your own.

This is why we at A2Z Building Maintenance Inc. strive to help you achieve a spotless and attractive finish to your business floors. We use powerful equipment to strip and wax London Ontario floors to return them to their original condition.

Our strip and wax crew has over 15 years of experience in stripping and waxing floors. Since we care about doing our job right, our results are always awesome. This is because:

  • The premium quality wax that we use together with a high percentage of solids helps us to achieve a shine that is more brilliant and long lasting.
  • Our maintenance procedures are very fast. It takes half the time.
  • Our waxing and stripping procedure is very cost effective hence you will save some money.
  • We use 4 coats of wax as opposed to the industry standard which requires only 2 coats. This means that we can just maintain the floors without the need to strip them down after every six months.

When you hire us, we will create and customize a maintenance program for you. We will come up with a program that will fit your business and the budget that you have set aside.

Strip and Wax Procedure

Stripping and waxing office and commercial building floors require different approaches depending on the type of floor. For low to medium traffic floors, strip and wax are required at least once every year. For high traffic floors, stripping and waxing is recommended every six months.

Floors will always lose their original glossy look when they have not been waxed for a long time. When your floor appears ultra-dull, we will re-scrub it and recoat it to restore its superior look. However, if your floor has lost its luster then we will have to buffer it to give your office a look that is glossy and professional.

Types of Flooring we Work on

  • Tile, Marble, granite and slate natural stone floors.
  • Concrete, vinyl, brick laminate, linoleum floors.
  • Soapstone, ceramic, ceramic, clay and terrazzo floors.
  • Warehouse floors, kitchen floors, spray and buff tile floors, hallways and stairs floors and cafeteria floors.

Benefits of Stripping and Waxing Your Floors

Since your office or commercial facility will be experiencing a large amount of traffic, your floors can easily end up getting scuffed or marked up. Hiring a commercial cleaning company to strip and wax your floors will save you from the embarrassment of your office having dull and dirty floors. Here are some of the great benefits that come with stripping and waxing your floors regularly:


  • Maintaining Cleanliness


Maintaining general floor cleanliness is one of the most important reasons to hire a cleaning company to strip, polish and wax your office floors. Once we have stripped and waxed your floors, keeping it clean will be much easier. Your customers and employees will be impressed with your clean floors.


  • Improves Floor Durability


Caring for your office floor will make it last longer. Most floors will eventually wear out and tear making floor replacement necessary. However, properly maintaining your floors will minimize the need for replacement.

By stripping, waxing and polishing your floors, all the dirt that had accumulated on them will be removed making your floors to wear down at a much slower rate. Protect your investment by hiring us. We can help you avoid costly repairs.


  • Enhancing the Interior of Your Office


This is the most obvious benefit of floor stripping and waxing. At A2Z, we know that an attractive floor can make a big difference in making your business premises more inviting to your customers. Clean and shiny floors will also add to the overall décor of your office or business premise.


  • Prevents Tile Lifting


Water and debris that may get stuck between the tiles will not only affect their aesthetics but will also cause the tiles to lift up. When water gets in through the cracks on the tiles, it will weaken the glue that holds the tiles on the floor.

This will result in loose and shaky tiles on the floor. Waxing ensures that all the cracks are blocked to prevent the tiles from lifting. The tiles will thus stay intact throughout.


  • Prevents Discoloration


Constant traffic on the floor will make the surface of the floor to lose its shine. The floor will end up becoming dull. However, waxing will ensure that the beauty of your floor stays the same. This is because of the protective coat of wax that will ensure dirt does not stick on the surface of the tiles.

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