Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

One-Stop Solution for Your Office Cleaning Hassles

From the boardroom to the washrooms and individual offices, a clean working environment is important for the productivity and morale of your office.

Business owners in the area love our janitorial staff for our attention to detail, customizable cleaning regimens, and flexible service times. Keep your office space shiny and sparkling. It’s easier—and more affordable—than you think.

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Personalize Your Office Cleaning Regimen

No two businesses are alike, so why should their office cleaning checklists be the same? At our janitorial company, we recognize that every office space has unique requirements. That’s why we let you decide how we should tackle your building. With a complete range of services to choose from, you can put together the perfect cleaning regimen for your space and modify it as you see fit.

Some examples of the items that our clients frequently request include:

  • Carpet cleaning
  • Floor polishing
  • Window washing
  • Surface sanitization
  • Trash removal
  • And more


You’re the boss. Pick and choose the tasks you’d like our custodians to perform. Plus, you can even decide how often you’d like us to perform them. Pre-arrange the day and time of our visits at your convenience. Choose from:


  • Daily visits
  • Weekly visits
  • Bi-weekly visits
  • Monthly visits
  • Bi-monthly visits


Maintaining a pristine office has never been so straightforward, simple, and stress-free.

Initial Cleaning Service Consultations

No-Obligation Property Walk-Throughs

We’ve established ourselves in the area as the customer-centric janitorial crew. Before we agree on a contract, we seek to understand precisely what our clients want from our services so that we can meet all their desired specifications to a tee. That’s why when you’re considering hiring a custodial team, we like to schedule no-obligation property walk-throughs. These consultations allow us to speak with you in person and see firsthand the practical cleaning needs of your building.

Together, we’ll create your customized cleaning checklist. From room to room, we’ll take note of all your special requests. Then, we can calculate an accurate cost estimate for your consideration. In this written quote, you’ll be able to see all our charges clearly—we don’t do fine print.

From there, the decision is in your hands. We know we’re the client-centric cleaners in town, and we can’t wait to prove it to you. Schedule a property walk-through with us today.

Office Cleaning with a Professional Touch

Our professionalism distinguishes us from the pack. Every member of our staff is a vetted, trained, and licensed professional. Our crews have a flawless track record for arriving and finishing on time—we’ve honed our cleaning practices down to a science. You can expect your janitorial team to wear clean, professional uniforms and greet the patrons or employees that we encounter with a smile.

We don’t only stand out for our professional attitude, either. Thanks to our commercial-grade equipment and high-quality products, our cleaning results are in a class of their own. We consistently deliver a level of cleanliness and sanitation that keeps our clients coming back.

Meticulous Cleaning Practices

Our professional cleaning staff is well trained to bring you the best cleaning solution for your office. Be it an in-house office cleaning requirement or cleaning the floor of your office. Our expert technical workforce will make sure that all the dirt has been cleared from the premises. Thus, choose our extensive office cleaning in Ontario and experience the shine.

It is also critical for the professional image of your company to present organized, well cleaned headquarters. At A2Zee, we are a dedicated janitorial service with a keen eye for details and the same reliability you require from your staff. Unlike other janitorial companies, we do not subcontract any work. All of our employees are chosen by us, insured and bonded to guarantee the safety of your office. Each job is inspected thoroughly by a trained supervisor so you know you are getting the best possible cleaning on every single visit. A2Zee will create a schedule that fits your offices needs and budget.

Services You Get to Choose with Us

As a matter of fact, our all-around cleaning facilities are comprised of multiple services designed for your convenience. So, let’s take a look at the services:

  • Schedule cleaning services
  • Complete floor cleaning service
  • Office equipment cleaning
  • Furniture polishing without using harsh chemical
  • Time to time expert cleaning service


Along with all these services, there are other specified services that you will be getting with us. Therefore, choose us and let our experts clean your office in one professional visit. We will make sure that you get the best service satisfaction from our end.

Our Janitorial Company, Your Success

At our company, we like to say that a productive workday starts with a clean workspace. A2Zee Building Maintenance Inc. is the local janitorial company at your service and working for your success with customizable cleaning regimens, competitive rates, and flexible scheduling options.

How can we assist you today? Drop us a line to speak with one of our professionals.

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