Post Construction Cleaning

Construction is not a light thing. The constructors make the houses but cleaning all the materials left behind is not their job. This is the job of the cleaning company. A2Z Building and Maintenance also provides its customers with post construction cleaning. We are going to clean everything. Either it is the construction site for the residential or even the commercial property. We are going to clean it all. Our team will polish every flow. Shine the tiles which are hidden because of the dust. And even the things that are inside that property. Such as hardware products or anything else. We will clear all the large piles of wood that has left no space for the person to stand. These things can be dangerous because everyone cannot clean such huge piles. These piles are going to be problematic for the people who will later come to that property.

Our team will start cleaning from the basics. Such as cleaning and removing all the trash from the residence. That also includes the lumber because of the construction. The team will wash all the rooms. They will first clean it and then seep it. After that, they will again wash the rooms and cabins for the commercial property to make clean. The films attached to the windows for their protection will be removed. All the doors will be thoroughly cleaned. So that at the end there is not even a single particle of dust remaining in the house. 

Our team can deal with any kind of task that they are given. Because of their experience and training, they make every task look easy. They know how to clean the post-construction sites. That too within a specific time. 

Post Construction Cleaning:

We encourage our customers to check everything at the end of that process. Our team will take care of all the things which are extra at the place. You won’t even need to move a finger because we got your covered. We offer the best post-construction cleaning in Ontario. Our team is professional and under no circumstances will leave you with regret or a choice to think about the cleaning process again. Because that is how much good we are at the job that we do. We go through the cleaning check-list every time. To make sure that everything includes professionalism. And to the best of our tendency. 

Our team will dusty all the walls. And clean the flooring. If it needs washing then the team will wash that. Or if that can be cleaned with the chemicals then the team will do as per the demand. They will clean the interior and exterior of the glass. And the carpets will be vacuumed and the cabinets will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out.