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Why You Should Choose A2Z Commercial Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning

At A2Z Building Maintenance Inc. we are proud to have been around for 18 years and have shown that we are one of the best commercial cleaning companies. We offer green cleaning services because we understand the importance of minimizing our carbon footprint to ensure that our operations don’t impact negatively on the environment.

Increased Productivity

If your employees are in a clean and organized working environment, they will have the freedom to concentrate on their work without getting distracted with mess and dirt. Studies show that 90% of workers in the office feel more productive when they are working in a clean environment. An office that is disorganized and messy can be very difficult to work in.

Saves Time and Money

If you leave the cleaning responsibilities to your employees, the time they spend cleaning can add up to several hours that will be taken out of their schedules. These hours could have been used more productively to enhance your business. Contracting us will give you and your staff a peace of mind.

Proper Tools and Equipment

Our team of professional cleaners is armed with proper equipment and tools that are necessary to conduct cleaning services to the highest standards. Be it industrial cleaning tools or environmentally friendly cleaning products, we at A2Z ensure that our staff have everything they need to offer you the best cleaning solutions.

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A Customised Cleaning Programme

Every client has different cleaning requirements. By hiring a professional cleaning service like us, you will be sure to get the right cleaning services you require. Rather than getting a standard general clean, at A2Z, we determine exactly what type of cleaning services you require before coming up with a tailored programme that will suit your needs.

Whatever needs your business will have in terms of cleaning services, be assured that we will able to deliver. This is because we offer a range of cleaning services from carpet cleaning and window cleaning to post-construction sites cleaning. All of these services are offered to the highest professional standards.

You will also notice the physical transformation of your business. Your office will become a welcoming environment as it will be gleaming. Your customers will be 100% satisfied with the look of your business.

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What You Should Expect in Terms of Costs and Services

There are a number of factors that will determine how much we will charge you for our cleaning services. These factors include the size of the workspace that you would like us to clean, the frequency of service, and the type of cleaning services that we will offer you.

At A2Z, we will send our experts to check out your place so that they can get a good idea of your cleaning requirements. After that, our experts will then come up with a cleaning programme that will suit you and then set a price, which is usually affordable.

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